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student artist



Kali Miller grew up in Seattle and is now living in Utah attending Utah Valley University. At UVU she is currently studying Art and Design with a concentration in Painting and Drawing. She loves to paint because of the freedom of using colors.


Mixing colors and shades and using them in different ways is one of her favorite parts of painting. She mostly uses acrylics, watercolors, and oil paints. When she's not focused on art, Kali is going to parties with friends, concerts, hiking, or working on her picnic business with her best friend.



Jake Allen is a multimedia artist from Utah that is excited with color, patterns, and imagery.


Currently studying Art & Design, he spends a considerable amount of time exploring digital mediums like graphic design, videography, animation, and music, as well as more traditional mediums like drawing, painting, and sculpture.


When he’s not creating art you can find him out longboarding, attending concerts, or enjoying nature. Lastly, a fun fact about Jake Allen is that he is in the top .01% of listeners on Spotify for the Smashing Pumpkins.



Kyle Couvillion is a multimedia artist from Louisiana who likes to experiment with his art. He is currently studying Visual Arts to explore different mediums of arts like film, digital, animation, music, etc. He really likes to play around with comedy as he likes to come up with comedic ideas that can appear in his art in some way or form.


When he’s not working on his art stuff, he plays this game called life where he eats, sleep, watches tv, vibes out, goes to school, goes to work, and repeats the day again. Oh and he’s got superpowers where he can turn up his hearing or turn it down….just kidding he’s just a regular dude, he has hearing aids but that’s still pretty cool right??

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